Budapest Irish Studies

"Connecting Hungary to Ireland through education and culture"

About us

Welcome to the Budapest Centre for Irish Studies (BCIS), an association of scholars involved the study of Irish literature and culture. Active since 2013, our members are based at various universities and academic institutions in Budapest, and come from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines. Our mission is to promote and support the study of Irish literature, history, and culture in Budapest and beyond. Through our research, teaching, and public events, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ireland's rich and complex cultural heritage.

What we do

  • Academic Events: Our members and their institutions organize, host and participate in conferences, symposiums, and readings on various topics related to Irish studies. These events bring together scholars, students, and other interested individuals to share their research and engage in academic discourse.
  • We highlight academic publications on Irish authors and Irish themes by scholars based in Budapest
  • We support the teaching of Irish literature, history, film, drama and culture in Budapest

Academic conferences and symposiums: We organize and participate in academic conferences and symposiums focused on Irish literature, culture, and history, providing a platform for scholars to share their research and collaborate.

Research resources and support: Our Team is involved in a wide variety of Irish-related research projects in the fields of Irish drama, literature, history and film. 

Student mentoring and support: Our Team teaches students a wide variety of topics relating to Irish literature, history and culture, in various Budapest academic institutions. We have supervised a wide range of BA and MA theses on Irish topics. 

Embassy of Ireland Student Bursary Progamme: Members of the Budapest Centre for Irish Studies have been involved with the Embassy of Ireland, Hungary, Student Bursary Programme since its launch in 2015. Through the support of this Programme, several Hungarian students in Budapest have taken research trips to Ireland and partaken in Summer School Programmes in Ireland.

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